Show Design

We Design your show…we tell your story


Our professional team is ready to make your event enters the history by designing a customized show with a special music, outfit, and performance customized especially for your occasion and story.


UAE is our inspiration to present to you the best sports and musical performances that tell your story and celebrate your special events in a unique unforgettable way that will leave a mark in history.

Celebrations in the UAE are the most deserving occasions and the perfect fit for such huge performances due to their size and uniqueness.

Our performance will showcase your event in an artistic way that reflects its immensity by shaping enormous portraits on the field, along with the sounds of live music playing.


And the signature and most unique aspect of Drum Corps UAE is the combination of the traditional Yolla dance and contemporary color guard choreography, resulting in a spectacular international event with a dazzling Emirati fingerprint.

No matter what occasion you’re celebrating, our bands will draw on the field the best and biggest shows that will tell your story, and entertain the audience both nationally and internationally, reflecting the Emirates vision and message to the whole world.