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DCU has lots of available choices to celebrate your event and add a nice entertaining atmosphere for your audience and guests.

The Bands are able to perform at a variety of occasions with any of our different ensembles:

  • Concert Band
  • parades or carnivals
  •  Arena displays
  • Event openers AND closers
  • Solo drumming show
  • Drum line
  • Marching Band
  • Marching Display
  • Brass & Woodwind Quintets.
  • Special arrangements  from 5 to 10 people or reaching a full marching band/ Drum Corp capacity that can have 150+ members( musicians and performers).

No matter what your event is for we can guarantee thrilling moments for your audience by presenting the most professional marching techniques performed by top bands and drummers.

Call us now and tell us more about your event and we will use our international network of drummers to make the best show for it.


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