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drum corps use events for marching bands
use events marching bands
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Whether you’re interested in Sporting events , Half time shows, National celebrations ,corporate gatherings, weddings, or any other special occasion, our past events will give you a great sense of our capabilities and style.

We are confident that browsing through our website and Instagram will provide you with the inspiration you need to envision your own dream event.

DCU 200 piece band at the Baseball united , Dubai , November 23

Our musicians are skilled professionals who not only play live music but also possess an innate ability to engage and connect with the crowd. With a diverse repertoire spanning various genres, we can tailor our performances to suit the desired ambience and atmosphere of your event.

Parade Style Marching Band

We we proud to Act in this video with the famous Emirati Singer AHLAM1

Basic drill design at the PSL opening in 2019

Celebration Cricket at Dubai international Cricket stadium

Parade activation for schools and celebrations